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Montana and Massachusetts push for state sovereignty regarding SEC on Reg A+

The lawsuit by Galvin and Lindeen is largely viewed as a proxy for the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) – the lobbying group that represents state securities regulators. This past spring, NASAA expressed their opinion on Regulation A+, Title IV of the JOB Act, in a statement by then NASAA President Andrea Steidt;SEC taking shots

“It’s not appropriate for the SEC at any time … to exceed its statutory authority. Pre-emption is not an option on the table.”




Time to diversify?

Why not step away from the S&P and diversify into privately held companies?  Crowd funding can give you access to high growth opportunities.  Taking this kind of risk is not right for all investors, but if you’re in the market for some new investment opportunities, crowd funding may be the right way to slice your pie.

Review the patterns of the last 20 years in the S&P500 as you consider new options for diversifying your assets.

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We agree with David regarding changes coming including the enormous growth opportunity but I’m skeptical about more niche sites making headway.  I believe you want big deal flow and big money and that consolidation is likely.  I do believe people want to invest local but why limit your investors to your community?  Why not go big?

New Crowdfunding bill being promoted in Montana

“Montanans may not have a lot of money, but we often have good ideas and a lot of friends. Crowdfunding puts those two things together. It’s like a barn-raising for good ideas, where many hands make the work light. But we need laws around crowdfunding to protect investors and lay out clear expectations for entrepreneurs.”

– Montana Securities Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen

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